Movie Music Mondays: “The Dream” from 1990’s Total Recall

The score to the 1990 Total Recall is fantastic and, even though I have yet to see the film, I can already tell you that Harry Gregson Williams’ score for the new Total Recall doesn’t even compare. Well Williams’ is a fine composer and I’m sure he did a decent job with the new Total Recall, Jerry Goldsmith’s score was a master act of science fiction and action. This track is a perfect example of Jerry Goldsmith at his best. The composer, best known for his work on the Star Trek movies and for composing the Universal Logo theme, had a wonderful way of making you feel…well, wonder. When listening to the track (especially the final 45 seconds or so), I really feel like I’m in space. And if that’s not a great example of a well done movie score, I don’t know what is. Anyways, listen to the song in all of its glory below:


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