Poster Madness: Django Unchained, Looper, The Expendables 2, Dredd, The Paperboy, and Nobody Walks

First up, here’s the new (?) international poste for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained: 


So yeah…it’s pretty much the same as our poster here in the states, except it has the name of the cast crammed in the corner of it.  So if you didn’t know who starred in Django Unchained…I guess this poster has you covered.  Django Unchained hits theaters in the U.S on December 25.

Next up, here’s a new banner for Rian Johnson’s Looper: 


Pretty sweet, although what the hell exactly is happening with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s face there?  It doesn’t even resemble him anymore.  Strange, but what can you do with Photoshop, am I right?  Anyways, you can countinue to watch Joseph Gordon Levitt make strange facial expressions when Looper hits on September 28.

Speaking of action films, watch as The Expendables copies one of the most famous paintings of all time:

TheExpendables2 LastSupper

Pretty great poster, and it always a treat to see this epic cast lined up with one another.  Though Liam Hemsworth still seems like he’s just hanging out in the background.  Seriously kid, get out of here.  Get back to us when you’re as cool as your brother.  You can catch all these guys being badass and Liam Hemsworth being…a human when The Expendables 2 hits August 17.

Next up we have the brand new poster for Dredd:


Pretty cool looking, although Collider is quick to point out a certain resemblance to another 2003 comic book adaptation starring a certain Man Without Fear.  Although, to Dredd’s credit, this one features him holding a gun so…different enough?  Whatever the case, you can catch Dredd when it hits theaters on September 21.

Finally, here’s two new posters for Lee Daniel’s The Paperboy and Ry Russo Young’s Nobody Walks: 


NobodyWalks Poster

Now the reason I packed these two posters together was because they are both VERY stereotypical indie movie posters.  Both show no evidence about what the film is really about, but are stilll “unique” and “stylish.”  You got the actors names paraded all up on the top.  And the respective film festival buttons to tell you these films mean business.  Sometimes these posters can be cool, but more often than not, their as forgetable and bland as these two.  Whatever the case, you can catch The Paperboy when it hits theaters on October 5, just in time for Oscar season.  Nobody Walks doesn’t have a release date yet, but I’m sure you’ll find out why John Krasinski is smiling in due time.

And that does it for this edition of Poster Madness!  Check back soon for even more great posters!  And if any of you overhear Liam Hemsworth making death threats about us, tell him we’re not afraid.  Not. At. All.