Role Call: New Projects for Will Ferrell, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Gina Carano, Vince Vaughn, and More

 *Will Ferrell has spent the last couple years not doing much; his role in Everything Must Go, The Other Guys, and some TV shows withstanding, Will Ferrell hasn’t starred in a live action film since 2009’s Land of the Lost. But that’s finally about to change in 2012. In addition to his Casa de Mi Padre project, Ferrell has the political comedy Dog Fight (also co-starring Zack Galifanakis) hitting theaters this summer. And this week, he has ANOTHER project in the works; The Flamingo Thief. That one definitely skews more to the Everything Must Go side of the spectrum. Basically, it’s a dramedy about a lawyer who takes solace in stealing plastic flamingos from lawns after his son dies. The film is being produced by Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfield, from a script by Michael LeSieur based on the book by Susan Trott.

Adam Scott

*Did I mention Ben Stiller? Because his next directorial feature, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, has added two more cast members this week: Adam Scott and Patton Oswalt. Which, personally, I’m very happy about; I love both of those actors, and it will be fun to see them interact with Stiller and co-stars Shirley McClaine and Kristen Wiig. The film tells the story of Walter Mitty (Stiller), who daydreams his way out of the humdrum life of a TIME magazine photographer (which is a boring job APPARENTLY?!). Scott’s exact role is unknown, but Oswalt will be playing “a friendly eHarmony counselor who helps the protagonist create an online dating profile.”

*The Tom Cruise/Joseph Kosinski sci-fi vehicle Oblivion (which I keep confusing with the fourth Elder Scrolls) has added a new actor: Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.  Waldau will be “Sykes, a battle-hardened, physically imposing, intelligent and extremely athletic military technology and weapons expert.”  Oblivion, which tells the story of a veteran soldier sent to a destroyed planet to rid it of a group of aliens, opens July 19, 2013.


*The Evil Dead is slowly getting its cast together.  Jane Levy will play the female lead, and Shiloh Fernandez is set to play her overprotective brother.  Now Lou Taylor Pucci has joined the cast as Eric, “an intense academic whose intellectual curiosity gets him and his friends into trouble.”  Basically, the guy who opens up the Necronomicon that sets the events of the story in motion.  The Evil Dead will hit theaters August 12, 2013.  

*Remember when there was THREE different Snow White projects in the works instead of two?  Well, Disney has dumped theirs, an Asian themed version.  But apparently, the script was too good to completley throw away.  So now, instead of being Snow and the Seven, the film is just The Order of the Seven.  Set to star in the former Snow White role (and now just a British heroine role) is Saoirse Ronan of The Lovely Bones and Hanna.  The film currently has no release date, and is being directed by commercial director Michael Gracey.

*Tony Scott is setting up his next, a film about a DEA agent who teams up with a drug runner to defeat the cartel.  The film is titled Lucky Strike, and Scott is currently courting Vince Vaughn to take the DEA role.  If he accepts the role, it will be one of his few non-comedic roles…like the Psycho remake.  And that was brillant.  Right?  RIGHT?!  Anyways, no word yet on any of the other parts, or a release date.


*Precious director Lee Daniels is prepping his next, the story of an African American butler who served in the White House through eight presidencies entitled (predictably) Butler.  Daniels is going big with his cast, trying to court such actors as Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Mila Kunis, John Cusack, and David Oyelowo.  But perhaps the most notable is Oprah Winfrey, who hasn’t acted in a film since 1996 (she spent a little bit of her time doing this strange talk show side project).  Anyways, most of these roles have yet to be confirmed, so take them with a grain of salt.

*Gina Carano’s acting career was off to a good star with Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, and now she seems to be following that picture with In the Blood, a revenge film about a greiving wife who sets out to find her husbands killer (and kick a bunch of ass, of course).  Carano’s physicality was one of the best parts of Haywire…sadly, her acting was one of the worst.  The film is being directed by John Stockwell, who previously handled Into the Blue.   

Gael Garcia Bernal

*They’re still going ahead with the futuristic Zorro remake apparently.  Zorro Returns will take place in the future, with a post apocalyptic Zorro searching for revenge.  In the lead role is now Gael Garcia Bernal, of Letters to Juliet and this year’s Casa de Mi Padre.  There’s no director or a release day just yet.

*The 300 prequel (formerly Xerses and now the much clunkier 300: Battle of Artemisia) has just gotten a new actor in the young Jamie Blackley, who will be hitting screens this summer in Snow White and the Huntsman .  Blackley will be playing Calisto, “a teen whose desire to become the heroic man/soldier his father was leads the 16-year-old to become a leader of a small band of soldiers.”  Apparently, he’s one of the film’s leads.  Battle of Artemisia has no releae date, but is being directed by The Savages director Noam Murro.  

Jennifer Aniston

*Switch has added a few more actors since we last checked on them.  Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid have joined the Jackie Brown prequel as a kidnapped wife and her real estate agent husband respectively.  The film has yet to snag a release date, but shooting will probably begin soon.

*And finally, Gillian Jacobs has joined the cast of the Steve Carrell/ Jim Carrey magician comedy Burt Wonderstone.  Jacobs’ role is so far unconfirmed.

And that does it for this edition of Role Call.  Until next time!