Submission Info

In order to use the new IN PROGRESS feature during article submission YOU MUST ASSIGN THE ARTICLE TO THE IN PROGRESS CATEGORY and SET THE PUBLISHING STATUS TO SPECIAL. This is something new we are testing out but if you’ve found a working around, please don’t hesitate to share or make suggestions.

Once you are working on an article that is assigned to the IN PROGRESS category it will appear in the sidebar on the left. When you are ready for the article to go live just assign it to the appropriate category and change it’s publishing status from Special to PUBLIC.

When you start an article it get’s assigned a DATE and if you let it sit there for a while it will get pushed to the bottom of the pile when it is finally published. To get around this just change the article’s publish and created dates before you make the article completely live.


Note: Unfortunately we are having an issue with the EDIT ITEM feature that you may see appear on the live site over articles you have written in the past. I don’t advise using the feature but if you have, and are accustomed to it then feel free to do what works best for you.



Do you have a suggestion for a feature or tool for the contributors area?

Send Gabriel an email with your idea and we’ll see if we can get it implemented.