Failure and Redemption: Highlights from Our Destiny Live Stream

If you missed our Destiny stream on Twitch yesterday morning (shame on you!), that’s okay.  You can watch the full thing still on our Channel and see all the fun we had running about in the new expansion.  A pair of our favorite highlights, however, came from our excursion into the Crucible.  We’ve gone ahead and set those clips aside from the entire streaming video, for you to enjoy on your own. 

I’m sort of sad to present this first highlight…we were pretty thoroughly humiliated by the opposing team.  Regardless, it’s pretty hilarious to watch for other people, so ignore my tears: 

FORTUNATELY, we were able to redeem ourselves in our final Crucible match, which you can also watch below, as proof that we’re not entirely horrible at the game: 

Thanks to everyone who turned into the stream.  We’ll be hosting these Twitch videos far more often, so be sure to Subscribe.  What are some of your favorite moments in the new Destiny expansion so far?  Share your videos and highlights with us!