My First Time – Playing Resident Evil 1

While the previous videos in my on-going “My First Time” gaming series have been solely focused on Star Wars titles (which I’ll come back to), with the Halloween season upon us, I thought this would be a great time to try out the first Resident Evil.  I know, it’s crazy to think I missed out on such an iconic game when it released, and despite having played OTHER games in the franchise, I never got around to playing the first.  

With the remastered version on this month’s PS Plus line-up, it was the perfect opportunity to see what I’d missed out on and you get to see me try it out!  As always, I’ll be spouting out trivia facts and other Resident Evil knowledge along the way.  

There are a wealth of video games out in the world today, with new ones dropping every week. Here at Cinelinx, our love of games has led to Joysticking, a series in which we dive head-first in the newest games, showcase titles you may have not heard before, and play through the games you care about most.

In this specific series I’ll be documenting my adventures through the history of gaming classics I have missed out on, providing insight into their development, while doing my best to not suck at playing them.