Playing Star Wars Shadows of the Empire for the First Time

A couple weeks ago, I started this series out with Dark Forces, wherein I stole the Death Star plans.  Today, I’m presenting my first playthrough of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.  I know, I know.  As big as this release was (comprising of tie-in books, comics, cards, toys, etc), how on Earth could I have missed it?  Simple, I didn’t have an N64 at the time of it’s release.  

Fortunately, for me, yesterday saw the release of the game on GoG, making it playable for the first time on modern PC systems as part of their Star Wars Day specials.  Seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally play this game to see what all the fuss was about!  Watch me struggle to beat up some AT-ATs: 

There are a wealth of video games out in the world today, with new ones dropping every week. Here at Cinelinx, our love of games has led to Joysticking, a series in which we dive head-first in the newest games, showcase titles you may have not heard before, and play through the games you care about most.

In this specific series I’ll be documenting my adventures through the history of LucasArts’ various Star Wars games, providing insight into their development, while doing my best to not suck at playing them.