SCNS – S6E1 – Presentations and Premieres

Another year, another brand new season of SCNS!  Except, some things are different.  For starters, the first live episode of the year will debut the brand new show opener!  You’ll want to be there right at the beginning to see what fun the gang got into.

Plus, Team SCNS will give their reactions and break down the Nintendo Switch Presentation.  What was revealed?  Is it any good?  Will you be buying it?  All will be discussed!

In addition to gaming discussions, the first episode of season 6 will debut a new segment, Boom & Bust.  This is a monthly segment that will predict the must-see movies and the duds coming out that month.

Finally, the nerds will discuss the current franchises that just need to end.  Do you have one that you’d like to be put to rest?  Chime in below, @scnslive on twitter, or meet us this Thursday at 8pm here and on youtube and tell us!

You won’t want to miss the LIVE Season 6 Premiere of SCNS!

Going to PAX South?  So are we!  Meet the Super Cool Nerd Show team on the floor live and in-person!  They give out free hugs!  Except for Rob, he charges.

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