Breaking Down The Latest Comic Book Movie News (Marvel Edition)

Civil War Vol 1 2 Textless
Marvel’s Civil War

What It Is: In this storyline, the stable of Marvel heroes find themselves on opposite sides of a political conflict.  In the comics, a law was coming out that required all heroes to register and give up their secret identities to the government.  The registration is due to some young heroes in the comics that accidentally set off a bomb.  The media twists it up and demands that all heroes be registered with the government so they can hold someone responsible for destruction.

On one side you have heroes who are okay with the law, while another group of heroes are adamantly opposed it. What ensues is a battle (or Civil War) between the Marvel heroes. If you are not big into comics, the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 does a great job of telling the samestory.


Why It Might Not Work: Simple fact here, they need Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four for key components of the story. They are already in talks with Sony to at least use Spider-Man, but those talks haven’t gone anywhere yet. If Marvel just showcased they need him this bad, don’t you think Sony now has a bargaining chip? As if being their most loved character wasn’t big enough.

Next Marvel’s movies themselves have yet to set it up. In the films, Iron Man doesn’t trust Shield one bit, and stopped making weapons for the government. He basically doesn’t work close to them at all. So why would he suddenly change and be the leader of the registration act? Heck, a lot of heroes that should be on his side are either missing (since Fox owns rights) or in a similar boat. What would make them all flip? What is the overall problem between heroes besides a few bickering with each other? They all seem to be slightly slanted against SHIELD in some way, so Marvel needs to develop a problem over the next few movies.

The last problem is the effect this story had on comics was mostly erased over time. Let’s say Sony works with them, would this put Sony in a bind? In the comics, Spider-Man plays a massive part in that he reveals his identity and changes and by playing this part the entire dynamic of the universe changed. This of course runs Spider-Man down a dark path, before eventually the soft reboot in “One More Day” where literally everything was erased. This same situation happened across the board, including an ultimate death for Captain America. These changes put fans on edge, and then when they were all reversed it made them even more angry. So will Marvel decide to go that far with it in the movie universe?


Why It Could Be Awesome: Let’s put it lightly, I really hope Sony and Marvel work together while keeping Spider-Man with Sony. This gives Sony a universe to work with and they can finally push him in the right direction, he can finally mean something to the comic book world, and Marvel can keep spending money elsewhere. Plus with Sony hinting at a “soft reboot” of the series, why not start here? Allow Marvel to bridge into something, forget Amazing ever happened and just run with Marvel for a little while.

Within Marvel’s own universe, some of the characters have gone as far as they can on their own. Iron Man really doesn’t have another story to tell without other heroes being by his side. So we need some sort of crossover events to keep these heroes interesting, and to overall keep a universe wide story going.

As for the dynamics of the movies following the comics, Marvel never follows them word for word anyways. Stark creating Ultron in the movies is not what happened in the comics, and could be a vital change for the movies. Perhaps him creating Ultron is what causes him to side with Shield? Then there are also rumors that the “Civil War” in the movies is about an entirely different subject. In the comics the issue was revealing identities, but overall the problem was the government trying to control too much and heroes being uncomfortable with it. According to the rumors this is the case still, but instead of revealing identities it is more about the NSA issues we deal with in the real world. Captain America decides that this surveillance isn’t exactly great, while Iron Man likes it, perhaps that is what happens? All that needs to happen is the heroes need to disagree with each other.

Lastly, it seems Marvel is going to reboot the Civil War with comics. This means they get to write a more dynamic story, while writing out the characters they don’t need/want (i.e. all of the FOX ones). They are already slightly pushing those two aside anyways. YET, with some teaser art that was revealed they are already utilizing Spider-Man, which is a good sign! Above all else, while Marvel stays close to the comics, then never follow it perfectly, so anything could change.

Then again, the Civil War idea came about because Marvel teased it the same day they talked about their movies. However, if you pay attention to what Marvel has been doing lately, they have teased several major cross over events. Now not to kill your hopes of a Civil War reboot, but it seems Marvel is instead planning one big major event that possibly touches upon all of these.


What Else Could Happen: All that being said, the idea of Civil War is still somewhat a rumor at this point. Another rumor that floated by at one point was the possibility of Secret Wars. This story was actually made because Marvel and Mattel wanted to make a toy line. They were trying to come up with something to bring all the heroes together, so what better way to do it than to throw them into a gauntlet?

This is exactly what happened. A villain, entity, by the name of “Beyonder” saw the heroes and became interested. He then brought them all to let’s say a planet where he forced them all to take sides and battle each other. Over time they figure things out and fight back against him. The storyline has another short run in Marvel’s universe with the limited series called “Beyond” which takes Spider-Man and few minor characters to the same scenario. People start questioning each other, and tensions rise. It’s really interesting.

Marvel has plenty of crossover stories to choose from like this, so jumping directly to Civil War may just be one of the many options. We still have a little while before the event happens, so who knows where Marvel will actually decide to go. Heck, if they get to work with Spider-Man, that alone opens up a ton of story opportunities.

Come back Wednesday as we cover the DC Comics side of things as well!