Casting A Time Lord: Who Should Be the New Dr. Who?

The race is on to find a new Doctor to replace the departing Matt Smith. The annual Doctor Who Christmas special will begin filming very soon and the next Doctor will be unveiled during that story. The BBC has said that the new Doctor will be announced sometime in July, which is not far away. Therefore, Show-Runner/Producer/Writer Steven Moffat will have to cast Smith’s replacement rather quickly. Who should it be?

He might go for a relative unknown, as he did when he cast Matt Smith. On the other hand, Christopher Eccleston was already a well-known and respected actor when he was cast in the role. David Tennant was somewhere in the middle, having already starred in Casanova but wasn’t yet a marquee name.  Which way will Moffat go when casting for the twelfth Doctor?

Well, we can’t vet unknown actors, but if Moffat and the BBC should shell out the big bucks to get a known quantity in the role, let’s look at some possible contenders.

Ben Daniels: (Law & Order UK, Merlin, Jack the Giant Slayer)

Ben Daniels-3

At 48, he would be a departure from the younger Doctors cast since the series reboot, but he would fit into the mold of some of the earliest classic Doctors (Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee.) 

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness)


Khan as the Doctor? Could be. He does such a great job portraying another iconic hero, Sherlock Holmes. He’s good at being quirky.

Martin Freeman (Sherlock, the Hobbit Trilogy)


If not Holmes, how about Watson—or should I say Bilbo. Could the star of the Hobbit films successfully travel the stars as everyone’s favorite Time Lord?

Hugh Laurie (House MD)


His name was mentioned during the previous Doctor regeneration, and now it’s being discussed again.  Like Ben Daniels, he’s above the average age but it’d be awesome to see Dr. House in the TARDIS.

Rupert Grint (The Harry Potter franchise)

rupert grint 1


Does Harry Potter’s sidekick have what it takes to be the hero? The Doctor has always wanted to be a ginger.

Daniel Radcliff (The Harry Potter franchise)


If not Ron, then how Harry himself? Could this be the role where Radcliff steps out of Harry Potter’s shadow?

Idris Elba (Thor, Prometheus, Pacific Rim)

idris elba 2


This man should be a bigger star than he already is. If you’ve seen his amazing performance on Luther, you have to agree that the man has acting chops!

Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers, War Horse, Midnight in Paris)



Loki as the Doctor? Why not? I think Hiddleston could pull off the hero role.

These are just a few suggestions. We’ll have to wait until next month to find out who the Twelfth Doctor will actually be. Who would you want to see as the new Doctor?