Cinelinx Hits PAX Prime 2015 as Part of the Official Indie Megabooth Tabletop Lineup!

The Indie MEGABOOTH is a showcase of independent game developers working together to bring indie games to the forefront of not only conference goers’ minds, but the gaming community as a whole. This year, they are bringing more than 70 independent games to the Washington State Convention Center across their MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH, and TABLETOP spaces.

If you’re planning on attending PAX Prime this year please stop by and play a quick round with us!

About the Cinelinx Game

Cinelinx is a fast paced card game of connecting movies, actors, genres and more together to form cohesive links between them. Find connections between movies from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to today. With a dynamic play area based on every card played, the game constantly adapts itself to film fans of any level of skill or knowledge. Want to throw a wrench into things? Director’s Cut cards can often hinder your friends or change the rules to keep things interesting. Now you finally have an outlet for that wealth of movie trivia building up in your brain! 

 Cinelinx is a new take on movie trivia games and is the perfect way to test your movie knowledge and challenge your friends during your next movie or game night!

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