Cinelinx Super Cool Sprukits Giveaway!

If you want to win your very own Sprukit now is your chance!

Option One  – All you have to do is post a comment on the review page that explains your favorite toy/action figure as a kid or grown adult! It can be anything from a toy you loved, to a collectable you can’t believe you own. If you want, feel free to share details about your collections, fun memories, or pictures!

Option Two – All you have to do here is participate in our Fan Art Fridays! If you haven’t seen it you can head on over to this page and check out our past display! Be sure to head to the page and read the rules for submission, after you do that you can email your fan art to [email protected] The good news about this option is all fan art will be displayed, but one lucky winner will receive their own Sprukit! (If you want to make it Cinelinx inspired, that’s cool too!)

Now for some minor rules for this contest.

-You may enter both ways to win a Sprukit to increase your odds, but only one person from each option will win a kit. AKA You can’t win both!

-No spamming the contest or comment section. This will not gain you extra entries! You can only enter once per option! (Feel free to participate in future Fan Art Fridays, just note they do not count as entries for this contest)

-If you choose to comment on the review, only comments regarding the topic at hand will count.

-We do not choose which Sprukit you will receive and will not be shipping them, both areas are handled by Bandai! Feel free to put in a request and we will pass along the request to Bandai.

-Of course, all rules of Fan Art Fridays still apply to this contest. All winners are randomly selected, one person per contest option will win one Sprukit each.

Learn more about Sprukits, also found on Amazon!