Get Your Work Seen in Cinelinx’s Fan Art Fridays!

Fans are great.  They’re passionate about certain subjects, and they show that passion in some very impressive ways.  We’ve seen it many times here on the site, and a few of us (myself included) love putting our creative skills to work in the art sprectrum to show our love.  We know there’s a lot of talent out in the fan community, and we felt it was time to give those artists a chance to shine.

Star Wars 

Fan Art Friday is our new series on Cinelinx, and within it, we’ll be posting the hottest fan art from around the web.  From movies, television, and video games we are going to be picking out some of the coolest pieces in order to show off right here.  Some artists have a lot of talent, but sadly don’t get much recognition, and we feel that’s a shame.  So we’re counting on you, our readers, to send us the best pieces you’ve created (or found from a friend).

Now, there are some “rules” here, before you start flooding our inboxes: 

1) First of all, it has to be related to something we cover here on the site.  We’re a movie, filmmaking, and video game site…so your fan art about basket weaving isn’t going to make the cut.

2) Going along with this, we’re going to keep out of the realm of straight up comic books, UNLESS it’s a property that also has a movie (i.e. Man of Steel, Batman, Avengers, etc) 

3) Keep it tasteful!  We’re a family site on the whole and won’t post anything lude, crude, or nude.

4) When submitting, be sure to include a link to any online portfolio if you have one (DeviantArt or even a Facebook Page) so that if people like your work, they can find more of it.

5) Make sure you have permission to share the work!  If it’s not your artwork that you’re sharing, please make sure the artist knows you’re sending his work in somewhere. 

6) No copycats!  If it’s not your work, don’t pass it off as yours.  Pretty simple, and we will be checking.

7) Any medium is accepted, but we have to be able to showcase it in a digital way.  So take a picture of that awesome oil on canvas work and shoot it our way.

Jurassic Linxy 

That’s about it!  So if you have fan artwork you feel is worth sharing, or know someone with incredible talent who’s not getting enough exposure, be sure to send them our way.  All fan art can be submitted to [email protected]

We know there’s a lot of talented people out there amongst our readers and we can’t wait to see what you cook up!