New Look. New Features. Same Great Content This Month at Cinelinx

We’ve had an incredible Summer so far here on the site between our comprehensive coverage on E3 and, most recently, the San Diego Comic-Con.  While August sees an end to the Summer, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  First of all, let’s get down to some business!

You probably noticed a couple weeks ago that the look of Cinelinx drastically changed.  We overhauled our older layout and went with an all new design that we feel is more user friendly and accessible to readers.  This means, you’re able to find the content you love most, quicker than ever before, including our new Geek Approved section that will spotlight Comics, Toys and more from the realm of nerdom.  

With this new layout comes some other changes on the site.  The primary social component we had been running with for years…is now gone.  While you can’t update a status anymore, we have way better options for you to interact with fellow gamers and movie buffs, and geeks in general.  


First and foremost are our blogs!  Got something you want to say to the community? Insight/analysis on a film or something incredible fellow movie lovers or gamers need to know about?  Our user-blogs are the place for you to develop and publish your own content to share with a community of like-minded individuals.  You can share funny stories, links to other articles, promote your own work (short films, indie films, games) for all the world to see and interact with.  

Connected to this blog account is our new and improved member forums!  Now you can post topics, chat about movies or games, with one another in a dedicated Cinelinx forum (much like our Group system used to allow you to do).  While the changes may seem sudden, we’ve been listening to our reader’s feedback over the last few months and have integrated systems you’ve been asking for.  This will allow cinephiles and gamers to interact with one another on the site in better ways, while also allowing you easier access to talk with US about things as well.  

Things like our awesome Card Game!  At the start of this year, we launched a KickStarter for a specialized card game designed for movie buffs and we were overwhelmed with the response (managing to pull in three times our requested funding).  While backers have been seeing regular updates and been kept abreast of some of our delays, we’re happy to announce that things are coming together nicely and we’ll be shipping out to backers in mid-September (we’ll be announcing a general release date soon)!


Above you can check out the final box design that the game will be shipping as, in all it’s glory!  We’ll be giving out some of these later on, after release, if you weren’t among our backers, so be sure to stay tuned for that in the next couple months.  Speaking of contests, we’ll be hosting a nice one here on the site during August as well, so don’t miss out on it!

Sounds like a lot already huh? We’ve still got more awesome coming in August.  Our Movielinx series of editorials will be taking a look at the best action scenes in movies around.  From fights, to explosions and everything in between, we’ll be highlighting the best scenes that get you blood pumping!  On the Gamerlinx side of things we’re taking a trip down memory lane, to highlight the best Xbox exclusive games to come out (across all generations), much like with did for Sony’s Playstation a few months ago.  If you’re an Xbox fan, or simply looking for something great to pick up on their systems, you won’t want to miss out on this month’s offerings.  

On top of all that, we have our regular original media content in The Fathergamer Podcast and the Super Cool Nerd Show, along with continuing video reviews for Comics and Toys in Geek Approved.  So be sure to tune into those for great content and fun times!

Don’t forget to send all your Indie film promotion requests to [email protected] to be featured in our Indie Beat area of the site, and [email protected] for all you Indie Game developers who want coverage as well.  

While school may be in session before you know it, you can still have plenty of fun here with your friends at Cinelinx.  So be sure to take advantage of our new systems and let us know what you think!

-Jordan, Editor-in-Chief