New Star Wars And Comics Shows Join the Cinelinx Team!

Over the last couple years, we’ve done our best on Cinelinx to bring our readers more and more media-based content focused on the topics you love most.  From the Super Cool Nerd Show, Toy Review Tuesday, Picks From the Rack, and The Fathergamer Podcast we’ve strived to bring you guys some awesome shows.  

Today, I’m thrilled to tell you about some new additions in Cole Houston and Eddie Medina!  They’re merging their content from the JediCole Universe with us here at Cinelinx, so you’ll be able to find some great shows about Star Wars and comic books right here every week.  I’ll them them tell you a little bit more about what’s to come: 

The JediCole Universe was founded by Cole “JediCole” Houston in February of 2011 as a personal showcase after years with VaderCast, Amazing Comicast, and The United States of Geekdom respectively.  Over 5 years, dozens of articles and features, and hundreds of hours of podcasts later, the JCU is proud to become a member of the Cinelinx network!  The two flagship shows – The Rantcor Pit and Hey Kids, Comics! – will now be available for your enjoyment and edification.

Rantcor Pit

Rantcor Pit 

“Do You Like the Star Wars?”  That is the question that has been posed since October 2013 when Cole “JediCole” Houston retooled his one-man Star Wars rant of 2012, which saw only two monthly episodes, and brought in a co-host.  Ever since, Eddie Medina and JediCole have been exploring every corner of that Galaxy Far, Far Away together on The Rantcor Pit.  From the actors and characters to the locales and starships, your hosts have brought a lifelong love of Star Wars to the fore together or with special guests.

The Rantcor Pit universe expanded in 2014 when the show was invited to become part of the Dallas based live-streaming network then known as Deep Ellum on Air.  Not content to replace the original show with the new live video format, The Rantcor Pit Live became a companion show that has been airing live twice a month ever since.  “Your Favorite Star Wars Guys” have also become a popular addition to the Dallas/Fort Worth convention scene where they have produced many a live-on-stage incarnation.

Grab some blue milk and a big bowl of Mallah’s famous bantha stew and get ready to really immerse yourself in Star Wars as Cole and Eddie bring you their twice-weekly simple tricks and nonsense!

“Hey Kids, Comics!”

The brainchild of podcaster and comic book fan Andrew Farmer, Hey Kids, Comics! is the longest running podcast on The JediCole Universe network.  Eschewing the traditional format of news and reviews, this unique comics podcast takes an in-depth look at specific topics, often down to the minutia.  Each episode is an issue of the series that has included Annuals and even a new Quarterly Special.  Individual issues feature discussions on specific aspects of comics from their creation to their characters to real world concerns as portrayed in comics, five-issue story arcs tackle broader subjects that have run the gamut from Batman’s rogues gallery (“Rogue-ish I’s”) to the business of comics through the years (“Comics, Commerce, and the All-Mighty Buck”) to the Deadly Sins (“Seven Deadlies”).  

Cole “JediCole” Houston co-hosts this weekly podcast that has become a staple for comic fans.  With providing new insights into the comics we all know and love, Andrew and Cole examine, celebrate, dissect, discuss, pontificate, explore, and generally geek out on every week.  You never know what approach they will take when it comes to getting into the thick of all things comics.  There’s even a set of “Back Issue Bins” so you can catch up on every episode you might have missed!

Starting in the next few days, you’ll be seeing these shows appear on Cinelinx at regularly scheduled times, so make sure to check them out!