Score New Posters and Help Choose the Next Expansion for the Cinelinx Game

First and foremost, I feel the need to thank everyone for their support, as you guys have made this game into a reality.  And of course it’s important to thank all of those who’ve helped spread the word for us: 


Film Pulse

Bobby Blakey (Examiner)

North Dallas Gazette

Earlier this week we posted an update on our KickStarter page to talk about the stretch goal we have.  If we reach $25,000 on our KickStarter funding we’re going to give our backers (who’ve pledged over $30) the game’s next expansion for free!  This would be the second expansion, with the first, the Red Band Pack, already available at various reward levels.  Last night we posted an update to clarify this a little more and explain a few things for those who had any lingering confusion. 

Red Band Expansion

Many people have been asking and wondering what the new expansion would be, and we’ve decided that’s going to be entirely up to you guys!  That’s right, once we meet our new goal and the campaign ends, we’ll be sending out a survey with options on which expansion you want to see next.  Your answers will help decide which one gets made next.  

On top of this, some other new add-ons and reward levels have been announced for movie fans who show their support to enjoy.  The newest of which is a series of art prints from yours truly, featuring our mascot in some of the most iconic movie posters out there.  More details on how to get your hands on these prints is available in our last update, but you can’t get ANYTHING unless you’re a backer.  So come on over to our KickStarter, show your support, and get some awesome stuff in the process!