Score Tickets to an Early Screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in Fort Worth!

Captain America: The Winter Solider has already hit some theaters across other parts of the world and is scoring a bunch of rave reviews; with many claiming it’s possibly the best Marvel film so far.  The movie hits our theaters next Friday (April 4th), but we simply can’t wait that long, and we’re giving readers in Forth Worth/DFW the opportunity to see it early.  

The screening will be held at the Cinemark Rave in the Ridgmar Mall in Forth Worth at 7:30pm on Wednesday April 2nd.  So a week from today, you could be watching The Winter Soldier before anyone else.  But how can you snag your tickets? 


We’re keeping it very simple for you to get tickets.  Just click on the link above, select the amount of tickets you wish (limit is two) and hit submit.  Once you do that, you’ll be asked to enter a CODE.  Enter “944965” and then continue onward to print your passes.  That’s it!  

Then all you have to do is be sure to get to the theater early next Wednesday to ensure you get the best seats you can, and enjoy the movie!  Myself and other members of the Cinelinx team will be there as well, so be sure to keep a look out for us and we’ll see you there!