Share Your Opinions With Cinelinx’s New User Created Review System!

Today, I’m very happy to announce an entirely new layout for the way we handle reviews on the site (from movies, blu-rays, and video games) that will let you guys, our readers, add to it and provide your own score.  Previously, our reviews here on the site consisted of the opinions of our writing staff and them alone.  Since we’re a site dedicated to the vast community of cinephiles and gamers and how they interact, we took issue with this and set out to change it. 

Our newest platform puts the power in your hands by giving you the chance to add in your own reviews, and even your own scorecard.  In this way, all of our readers can tell the rest of the community what they thought about the newest releases and compare those scores to those of our staff. 

Review Highlights

As you can see, up at the top, there’s a quick way to look and see both scores.  The first score is provided by our writers, while the second is the average review score as submitted by our members.  In a quick glance you’ll be able to see the overall reaction to a film or game from our site and the general audience, no matter how differing or similar those views may be.  This can give you a better gauge of the film from multiple sources instead of just one (ours), letting you make more informed decisions on your media intake.  

But that’s not all!  We weren’t content with just giving you a way to let your voice be heard, we wanted to make your ability to read and find reviews even easier.  The new layout gives you all the details behind a title (director, writer, developer, platforms, and more), and best of all, they’re links.  So if you want to see more information or reviews on movies/games in the same genre or by the same creator all you have to do is click on the name, and you’ll be taken to a list of every title in our system with them involved.


It’s a more comprehensive database, giving you guys an easier way to search and discover great movies, games, and filmmakers as well as learn more about the titles that pique your interest. 

While we love hearing ourselves talk about movies and games, Cinelinx was founded on the idea of bringing like-minded cinephiles and gamers together under one roof to share their passions and viewpoints.  As such this new review platform will make that become a reality, and is one of the many new features we’re bringing to the site.  We can’t wait to read your thoughts on the latest releases, so go on and get to reviewing; the community is waiting!