Spring into March With Cinelinx!

Things have been pretty awesome here at Cinelinx lately, and our team is positively buzzing with all that’s been going on.  Last month saw the end of our KickStarter campaign with over 300% funding!  Understandably, we’re very excited about this and are hoping to continue the good times on into March.


First and foremost (almost literally) The Academy Awards is kicking off the month (the 2nd) and as we’ve done in year’s past, we are hosting a Live Blog of the event.  You and your friends can gather online to discuss the show as it happens live with other members of our team!  If you can’t watch the awards show, we’ll of course be making the announcements of winners during the live blog so you can follow the show and not feel left out.  

Believe me, that’s not all we have in store for this month (it’d be pretty sad if it was!).  We have other exciting things going on in our Movielinx and Gamerlinx focuses as well.  February was all about love, but for the month of March, we’re shifting our focus onto great performances.

Every week in Movielinx we’ll be bringing you articles to discuss the greatest performances ever seen in movies and why they worked so well.  For Gamerlinx we’re taking a similar tact and talking about the best cut scenes (moments where stories in games really progress) from both the current generation and retro consoles.  So no matter what you’ve come to the site for, we’ve got great content about the best scenes in visual media!

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Our guys over on SCNS are continuing to bring the goods when it comes to Season 3 of the Super Cool Nerd Show with brand new segments, interviews, and exclusives in every episode.  And the Fathergamer Podcast will be pumping out new shows (including our horrible gaming segment) this month for you too enjoy…Which reminds me, you may start to see some new and awesome things going on around the site.

The world of video games and movie culture extends beyond what you see on the screen.  We understand that more than ever before, these things are starting to become a bigger part of geek culture and we want to make sure you, our readers, can experience that as well.  While you’ve been starting to see them on the site, we have more and more articles/reviews coming that will cover other aspects of the nerd lifestyle (including toys, collecting, and comic books).  Obviously our main focus will continue to be on Filmmaking, Movies, and Video Games, but we feel these new articles will tie in nicely to those aspects without overwhelming you.  


Need more?  Well, we’ve got more!  The Cinelinx Gamer’s Club (a forum group here on the site and on Facebook and Twitter) picks a gaming console every month to spotlight and discuss.  In February we were all about the Dreamcast, but in March we’re highlighting Nintendo’s seminal console, the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Throughout the month we’ll be posting about the console, it’s history, and influence, so be sure to join us for that conversation and share your own memories on the much celebrated console.  

On top of ALL of that, we’re still going to be bringing you the latest news and reviews (don’t forget you can submit your own review score in our new system) on all the things you care about most.  Be sure to stay tuned; March is going to be a fun month filled with great content.  I look forward to seeing you there!

-Jordan (Editor-in-Chief)

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