Spring is in the Air this Month at Cinelinx

March was a pretty awesome time for us here at Cinelinx.  We got the chance to meet fans up close and personal while playing our card game at both PAX and SXSW (not to mention all the great movie/interview coverage we had from the latter).  All in all, it gave us a chance to get together with fellow movie nerds, find out how you play the game, and what you want to see next from us.   More than that, we had a great time talking about video games in the theater, while also dropping some exclusive Star Wars info for you eager readers.  

After all that, it’s time to sit back and rest, right?  Wrong.  We’re not slowing down in April and with the Summer movie season just around the corner, we’re going to be stepping things up quite a bit!  All month long we’re going to be getting you ready for the Summer season with helpful guides, tips for handling the overload of awesome movies, and discussing our personal favorites for the months ahead.  

Just because we’re getting ready for the Summer doesn’t mean we’re ignoring our Movielinx or Gamerlinx columns.  All month long in Movielinx we’ll be taking a look at films that often get misinterpreted.  We’ll be dissecting them, and trying to delve into what they really mean, while examining the reasons many people took the wrong things from them.  On the Gamerlinx side, we’re devling into the best time-wasting games.  Games that aren’t necessarily “classics”, but that you can’t stop playing and find yourself putting hours and hours into regardless.  

If all that amazing content isn’t enough for you, we have all new episodes of the Super Cool Nerd Show, and the Fathergamer Podcast (which is now on iTunes!).  Not to mention we’ll be continuing to bring the goods with our newest show The Recap, plus new episodes of Toy Review Tuesday and Picks From the Rack.  With all these great shows, make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube Channel to keep up with all our videos and the latest movie/game trailers.  

Then, of course, we’re going to continue to bring you all the latest entertainment and geek news that you care about most from the world of toys, comics, movies, and video games.  That’s not going anywhere, and we’ll keep hammering out editorials for all the things you want more information on.  We’ll still be bringing the goods with regular giveaways on the site as well as on our Facebook Page and Twitter (so be sure you’re following us). 

We featured a few amazing contests last month for our readers, and we’re dedicated to keeping that going in April as well.  So keep your eyes peeled for brand new opportunities to win some awesome prizes throughout the month.  In all, it’s going to be a great month, so be sure to stick with us!

-Jordan, Editor-in-Chief