Superhero, Horror, and Movie Buff Expansions for the Cinelinx Card Game!

We had a blast taking the Cinelinx Game to SXSW, PAX-East, and PAX-Prime this year, and were always excited to play a round with different types of movie lovers across the country. When we created the game we knew we wanted it to be a new take on movie trivia games, something that was accessible but would also allow movie buffs of all types to really flex their muscles. Having the ability to customize your deck to suit your tastes was always important to us which is why we are excited to be releasing three new expansions to the game on 12/01/15. 

Each one of our new expansions comes with over 70 new cards including a few blank cards to customize your deck even further! So whether you’re a fan of Horror Movies, Superhero Movies, or Award Winning Cinema we have a new Cinelinx expansion for you! 

Never heard of Cinelinx? Learn more about the game here.