The Force is With Us all Month Long at Cinelinx!

May is a very exciting time for movie buffs, especially those of us who work in this industry. Not only do we have all of the blockbusters coming out in theaters, it also brings forth a ridiculous amount of conventions.  From SDCC to E3, geeks of all kinds have lots to enjoy during the Summer months and May normally kicks things off with a bang.  

It’s no secret here that I’m a massive Star Wars fan, and I’m sure my passion has influenced articles on the site throughout the years and this month is looking to be huge for Star Wars.  Filming on Star Wars: Episode VII is slated to begin filming (made even more exciting by the fact that we have a cast now) but before that comes May the 4th, the official Star Wars holiday.  Lots of official news and festivities are expected that day (including my own special art print), but we here on the Cinelinx staff said “why stop there?”

Linxy Wars 2

This month on the site, we’re having Star Wars month.  So both Movielinx and Gamerlinx this month will be focusing on articles dealing with the galaxy far, far away.  Gamerlinx will offer up several articles relating to the vast history of Star Wars in video game form, from it’s retro roots all the way up to current incarnations.  Movielinx, of course will focus on the films themselves, and the impact they’ve had on both our culture and the industry of making movies.  

Needless to say, we’re all really excited about this, and even have special episodes of The Fathergamer podcast and SCNS Live planned out with some very special guests.  Over in our Gamer’s Club Facebook page, our console of the month will be focused on some of Nintendo’s handhelds (since we’re still so excited about the Game Boy turning 25 years old).  

On top of all our Star Wars celebrating, we’ll still be bringing you the latest news from the world of movies and games.  Not to mention we’ll be reviewing all of the biggest Summer movie releases for the month.  There’s tons of awesome looking movies coming out, of which not everyone is going to agree; so make sure to check out our reviews in order to add in your own thoughts and compare your scores to ours and everyone elses!  

Of course we’re going to still have a few surprises here and there, as well as a few more awesome giveaways and opportunities to see movies in theaters before anyone else.  However, you’ll just have to stay tuned with us throughout the month to take advantage of them.  We look forward to seeing you around in the month of May!

-Jordan, Editor-in-Chief