The Good Times Keep Rolling in February at Cinelinx

First and foremost, let’s get this announcement out of the way.  We have some wonderful content here on the site, and last month saw the return of new seasons of the Super Cool Nerd Show, along with our very own Fathergamer Podcast.  So we’re happy to announce that our podcast is now available on iTunes for your listening pleasure! 


That’s right, you’ll be able to take our crew on the go with you wherever you want and hear all the awesome from the world of video games and general geekery.  You can subscribe on iTunes now so you can download and listen to the newest episodes (every Friday) without even having to think about it!  How easy is that? 

In other exciting news, people are continuing to buy and thoroughly enjoy the Cinelinx Card Game.  We’ve had several reviews come in from a variety of fans, and we’re delighted to see that so many people are having fun with the game we’ve crafted.  We’ve got some other exciting announcements to make in that regard coming up, but you’ll have to stay tuned for those. 

Last month, we put the focus on “the future”, but with The Oscars just around the corner, our focus for the Movielinx articles is going to be firmly on the Academy.  More specifically, each week, we’ll be picking a director and talking about our favorite Oscar winning/nominated film created by them.  Whether it’s a performance, the script, or the entire flick, we’re breaking down the best things these directors have done in the eyes of the Academy (and us).  

We took a break last month on the Gamerlinx column, but we’re back this month with a vengeance…Okay, not so much vengeful, but we’re definitely back.  February also brings us Valentine’s Day and this time around, we’re going to put the focus of love onto our video games.  So all month long, each week, we’ll be taking a look at the “Games We Love”, examining why they have such lasting appeal for us personally, and why every gamer should be giving them a chance.  

Of course that’s not all, as we’ll still be bringing you the latest news and reviews over all the stuff you care about, along with new episodes of SCNS Live, the Fathergamer Podcast, Toy Review Tuesday, Picks From the Rack, and The Recap.  There’s tons of new content everyday here on Cinelinx, and we hope you stick around for all of it this month!  

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-Jordan, Editor-in-Chief