Things Are Heating Up This July at Cinelinx!

Last month saw the big gaming event in E3, and our coverage here on the site was a hit.  We saw plenty of exciting games this year (though most of them won’t hit until NEXT year), and the general consensus among us here at the site is that E3 2014 is one of the better ones we’ve seen in a while.  Plenty of reason to board the hype train!

But that’s soooo last month, and we’re looking ahead.  July is smack in the middle of the Summer Movie Season, the middle of the big gaming release drought, and one of the biggest nerd events ever in San Diego Comic Con.  Much like we did for E3, we’ll be providing extensive coverage from SDCC with the latest news, previews, and editorials based on the big show.  Many movie studios are planning something special for the event and with several high profile movies in the works, you won’t want to miss anything.


Of course, we’re still going to be bringing the goods with our editorial series’ Movielinx and Gamerlinx.  This month for Movielinx, with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes releasing and showcasing some impressive CGI, we’re going to be focusing on the use of computer generated characters in film, both good and bad.  We’ll be breaking down what made them work, which films used them best, and why exactly certain ones didn’t succeed. 

On the Gamelinx side of things, we’re going back to where gamer culture truly got it’s start: the arcade.  All month long we’ll be taking a look at arcades, including the games they offered, where they are now, why they were so cool, and more.  While video games have evolved and arcades are becoming more museum like, they used to be the hub of gamer culture, where everyone gathered and shared their passion.  So this month, we’ll be giving arcades their due. 


We’re still down with the Indie crowd and are expanding our reach to highlight independent movies and games.  If you’ve got an indie project you’re working on and would like some spotlight with a major online presence, then be sure to drop us a line.  Contact Daley ([email protected]) for all of your Indie Gaming needs, and you can hit me up ([email protected]) for Indie Film news! 

To go along with working with the “smaller” people, we wanted to give artists a chance to shine as well, by starting a new series on the site called Fan Art Friday!  Every Friday we’ll be showcasing some of the best fan artwork sent to us, spreading from video games to film and TV.  Fans are a passionate group and many have some serious talent, and we want to offer up a place for you guys to show it off and garner more exposure for your fine works.  Details on how to submit can be found HERE!

On top of all that, we’ll still be doing our regular contests for our loyal readers, reviews on the latest movie and game releases (though games are in a dry period right now), and of course all the latest news that you care about.  Not to mention we’re still going strong with all new original media content from with the Super Cool Nerd Show and The Fathergamer Podcast.  It’s going to be another exciting month with us here at Cinelinx, so be sure to stick around and share us with all your friends. 

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-Jordan, Editor-in-Chief