A Conversation With the Director and Cast of ‘6 Month Rule’

Congratulations on the world premiere of your new film 6 Month Rule. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Blayne – It’s about a guy who’s kind of a womanizer and he comes up with these rules on how to avoid emotional commitment which he actually feels is the biggest mistake you can make. His best friend gets dumped by his fiancée so my character kind of takes him under his wing trying to lead him down this path of cynicism and avoiding any kind of emotional attachment.

What is the backstory of the film? As in, what inspired the story?

Blayne – The inspiration for the film was basically just being single. You find that in dating, certain things repeat themselves. Certain patterns. I can’t say that I haven’t had rules in my dating life. But, you know, I just found certain things worked and certain things didn’t and then I felt that’s pretty cynical. So that’s what the movie’s about. How people are when they’re out in the dating scene. How they sometimes try to be better but end up not being that way.

How do you balance being the writer, director and lead actor in the film? Do you like the control or can it get to be somewhat scary?

Blayne – Both of those things. It’s not for everybody but I really like it. I don’t know how the people around me always like it.

How is it for the rest of you having someone have so much control on set. How does that influence your performances?

Natalie – In one way, even if wasn’t Blayne, it is easier because the person that you are acting with and the person that is directing you knows the script in and out and if you have a question they know exactly what to tell you. Sometimes the director has no idea and they have to get the writer. On the other hand, it’s kind of scary because when you’re acting with someone they’re not supposed to tell you what to do. It’s weird but in the case of Blayne it worked out really well and I felt really comfortable. He was really great about making us feel good about what we were doing and encouraging us to do what felt right.

How did all of you get involved in the project? What drew you to the script?

Vanessa – I got involved through a friend who knew Blayne Weaver. What drew me was, when I looked at the character that I got to play, it was kind of a version of a stereotypical character that didn’t turn out to be that way. My character is a model and naturally you think they’re just dumb, which she wasn’t. I loved the relationship between our characters. All the emotions involved and how it played itself out.

Martin – When I read it, it was a unique kind of romantic comedy in that the leads were more of the two guys. It was more about this friendship than it was about women. It’s a different story and I was scared at moments and when something scares me I just tend to do it.

So what makes the film unique? What sets it apart from all the other romantic comedies out there?

Blayne – I think lots of things do. There’s a pattern in relationships. There’s patterns in life. This follows certain patterns but it’s like comparing a Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy to a Woody Allen comedy. Or a movie like Bull Durham or something like Broadcast News. I think they have real characters. And I think it’s funny but not because whacky stuff happens. It’s funny because you have smart, funny characters who are reacting to real situations. And I think people will relate. Anybody who’s ever been on the dating scene in any way or had an unrequited crush or has gotten the girl and then it turned out that’s not really the girl for me. People will relate to this and that’s what makes it unique.

What do you like about Austin and this festival?

Blayne – I’m excited because I think Austin is such a great venue for this movie. I think this is exactly the hipster, artist… I mean, this is pretty much who Tyler is. In the movie, Tyler and Sophie are two sides of the same coin. Tyler has gotten to a point where he’s an artist but he kind of sold out and got the really cool artist loft and he’s not really an artist anymore but he can afford it. Whereas Sophie is a true artist who lives…

…Like most people in Austin?

Blayne – Exactly! And I feel like that kind of thing really resonates with people here.

Natalie – This story could have easily taken place in Austin.

Any upcoming projects to watch out for?

Martin – Nothing comes to mind. Hopefully I work again. *laughter*

Natalie – I’m going to be on I think the next episode of Parks and Recreation.

Blayne – I’m going to make another movie like this.

Vanessa – I was on the Pirates of the Caribbean films and just yesterday a short film that we did, which is about my character and another one, came out. And then I have another film coming out in China called Kung Fu Hero and then in a few months another film called Arena comes out.


AFF Synopsis: 6 Month Rule
A romantic, charming, and poignant look at relationships, seen from the eyes of Tyler (Weaver), who lives by a philosophy that allows him to avoid making any significant connections with women. He frequently boasts that he can get over a woman in 6 months or less, but this is mostly due to his fear of emotional attachment. His best friend (Martin Starr) has just become Tyler”s main project, as he tries to teach his buddy all about the joys of cold-hearted bachelorhood. However, when he keeps bumping into a fascinating woman (Morales), he discovers that no philosophy is set in stone.

Starring: Blayne Weaver, Martin Starr, Natalie Morales, Vanessa Branch and Brandon Barrera