Lovely Molly: SXSW Reviews

 Lovely Molly is about a young couple, Tim and Molly, who move into her childhood home not long after getting married. Tim is a truck driver and is away often, and Molly seems to be a recovering drug addict. This is a horror film so I really don’t anticipate it being grounded in reality but there are quite a few plot holes that just didn’t make any sense, but I digress.

Molly begins hearing strange noises as she is home alone and we begin to get a few clues as to what may be haunting her. Having seen “An American Haunting” and “Silent House” it wasn’t hard to figure out where this one was going really quickly. Overall, the suspense was pretty high so I will give the filmmakers credit for a healthy dose of “creep factor” but when you combine a gimmicky film style (whether you launched it or now) with a gimmicky concept, and throw in a little bit of indie “meant to do that” storytelling I think you have a recipe for disaster.