Oculus Movie Review

The movie takes place in two different time periods as we follow the siblings being terrorized in both the past and present. The structure, although gimmicky at times, is extremely well done and compliments the blurred line between reality and fantasy in the world of the film. Despite this, Oculus relies heavily on familiar territory for the genre including traditional jump-scares and tension teases that are sure to delight horror fans. As the story unfolds, and the siblings attempt to piece the truth together, they are exposed to the same demonic manipulation that caused their parent’s to slowly slip closer toward insanity. Although this reviewer will surely be in the minority here, the ending left a lot to be desired despite the entertaining journey the film provided. 

Overall, the cast gives strong performances and the movie is less reliant on distracting FX than you’d expect from a film about a haunted mirror. As horror films go, Oculus should definitely be on your radar for a viewing or two.