Fan created ‘Footloose’ remake is set to release this Summer

The latest coming from Paramount on their Footloose remake is that Craig Brewer is taking over direction of the film after Chace Crawford dropped out of the project.  However, the remake’s current tumult isn’t hindering one group of 54 filmmakers from crafting their own.

A collection of filmmaking amateurs and video-editing enthusiasts have banded together from all of the world (yes, I said the world), and have divided the classic film into 54 separate parts/scenes.  Each team of filmmakers then remakes their assigned scene shot-for-shot.  The end result being that they will combine all of these various productions into one seemless movie that will be a remake of the original film.

It’s great to see such collaborations between filmmakers (that’s what we try and do here at TMP) so we’re very much looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.  Their Footloose remake is set to premiere July 1st in LA, before they continue to take the project around the country (and Canada).  Even if it isn’t coming to a city near you, never fret, soon after they plan on releasing the entire film on the internet for…FREE! 

For more information on this project feel free to peruse their official site