It Only Takes 9 Minutes to See How Jurassic Park Changed Movies Forever

Jurassic Park had a big impact on me, and I’ve mentioned many times in the past here on the site, how much of an influence it was on sparking my interest in becoming a filmmaker and following the path I’m on now.  It change a lot of things, this new video details some of it and is well worth your time to watch it:

The 9-minute program details some never-before-seen behind-the-scenes details on the making of the film, such as:

* How Steve “Spaz” Williams of Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) had the idea to use digital and computer effects rather than claymation/ stop-motion and was charged with convincing everyone from his co-workers, to Steven Spielberg, that this was the way to go.
* How the tech used in the film charted the course for blockbusters like Twister, Avatar and more
* Many of the creative executives that worked on the film tell first-hand experiences, challenges and changes that happened during the filming of the movie

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