Map out Your Shoot with StoryBoard Artist 7

Just because we haven’t covered a whole bunch of filmmaking stuff in a while, doesn’t mean we’ve given up on it.  Filmmaking is still a big thing for us, and as such, I knew I had to mention this to you guys.  Pre-production and planning things out is a huge part of ensuring a successful shoot and having things run smoothly.  

This is especially true when it comes to shoots with action sequences or complicated shots.  Hammering out a storyboard can help you visualize those moments ahead of time, giving you a sense of what you’ll need to accomplish the shot you want.  These days, Storyboarding is even easier with technology, like the new one that’s currently available.  Check out all the details: 

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PowerProduction Software, the leading developer of visualization solutions for film and video production, announced today the availability of StoryBoard Artist Version 7, the essential digital and animatic storyboard creation tool for filmmakers. The new version 7 release amps up 3D capabilities, adding an unlimited number of character poses, advanced motion graphics, and integration with StoryBoard mobile apps for previs creation across devices.

“StoryBoard Artist Version 7 gives you the simplicity and speed of working in 2D environments with all the flexibility you want when creating a 3D representation of your vision. It’s really the best of both worlds,” says Paul Clatworthy, creative director at PowerProduction. “Artist 7 eliminates the time and learning curve that comes with creating an entire 3D world. With all the assets at your fingertips, users can quickly and easily create the shot they want. They can tweak characters in 3D just as if they were directing actors. Artist 7 is our best upgrade ever, building on our rich history of innovation in media production software.”

StoryBoard Artist Version 7 Key Features

Unlimited character posing with straightforward adjustment tools lets users get started quickly and tweak poses as needed

New motion graphics capabilities let users define character movement within shots, providing an exact representation of the director’s vision for that scene

Supports standard 3D formats as well as Autodesk .FBX and Google SketchUp

Integration with StoryBoard mobile apps allows users to storyboard on any of their devices

Expanded timeline editing and sound sweetening

Imports native screenplay formats such as Final Draft, Screenwriter and more

Floating licensing, no hardware key

Streamlined interface

Pricing and Availability

StoryBoard Artist Version 7 is immediately available through the PowerProduction Software worldwide reseller channel and direct from the PowerProduction Software website at for 499.99 USD.

The price may throw you off initially, but it packs in quite of bit of power and ability for everything and works with many of the tools filmmakers already use.  Seems like a pretty handy tool.