New Technology Wants You To Control the Outcome of a Film

Non-linear Film Technology is what they’re calling it, and it’s designed to help filmmakers give their viewers a truly unique experience.  Currently the project is seeking funding on KickStarter, but you can learn more about it here: 

We are developing software that will allow filmmakers to produce non-linear movies that will enable audiences to influence the plot – with a simple app, in real-time while they’re viewing them in the theater. The days of movies being a passive experience are gone…

Since Shakespeare first wrote the words “To be or not to be” you will finally have a choice at the theater!

The project was created by Milton Horowitz and Ryan Forte, two Cleveland-based filmmakers who recently sold the rights to Moonshine Kingdom, the world’s first feature length film available to stream in 4K resolution. 

Instead of rattling people in their seats like “4D” movies, Nonlinear films will give interactive control to the audience, allowing them to decide what the characters ultimately do, and how the story unfolds.

In addition to the filmmaking technology, backers will also get a “Hollywood experience” – Ryan/Milton are also creating a template or “how-to” for creating Nonlinear movies called Collide of Scope, which will be the first film to utilize the Nonlinear Technology software and will offer 15 unique decisions resulting in 14 viewing experiences and 3 different endings.

The funding goal of the project is $100,000 and is already sponsored by G-Technology, a leading provider of storage solutions for filmmakers, digital artists, and more. 

What do you guys think?  Is this something you’d like to see used in films, or would like to try out for yourself?  If so, why not shoot them some funding to help make this happen!