Dark Comedy, Camino, Looking for Help on Kickstarter

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CAMINO is a feature length dark comedy film about two underage slackers (one of which has just found out he might be a father soon) who steal a cooler in hopes of finding alcohol but end up finding two human kidneys inside. The film follows the aforementioned slackers, the two hardened criminals trying to track down their stolen cooler of kidneys and a group of law enforcement officers following the bizarre trail of violent crimes left in the wake of the criminal’s search.

The story features a large cast of fun, unique and mean characters who have their lives turned upside down for 24 hours. The film is for fans of comedies like Superbad, Pineapple Express and Bringing Up Baby as well as quirkier films like Raising Arizona, Fargo and After Hours. 

You can learn a lot more about the film (and help them out) by checking out their full KickStarter page, where they also have some cool goodies for those who support the flick.  

[Full Discretion: Justin is personally friend of mine from High School and former contributor on the site back when it was called The Movie Pool.]