Indie Comedy Dry Spell Releasing in Time for Valentine’s Day

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On February 11, 2014, Dry Spell, a feature length romantic comedy about divorce, dating and sex, comes to iTunes, Amazon and all major VOD outlets. Dry Spell follows the story of Sasha, a soon-to-be-divorced millennial who upon returning to the dating scene discovers that she is unable to perform sexually. Blaming her dry spell on guilt for moving on before her ex, Sasha decides that the only solution to her problem is to play matchmaker. 

Dry Spell stars Suzi Lorraine (Captured Hearts, Wrath of the Crows) as Sasha, Amanda-Elizabeth Sawyer (Injun) as Lacey, Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare), and Rachael Robbins (Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, Scavenger Killers) as Mary.  

Suzi Lorraine is a New York based actress, model and writer with dozens of feature films on her resume, including numerous horror, sci-fi and fantasy films. Her incredible talent, wit and beauty make her the perfect choice for the role of Sasha. Suzi’s work can be seen at 

Amanda-Elizabeth Sawyer is a New York based actress, model and producer with extensive stage and screen experience. In her role as Sasha’s best friend and voice of reason, Amanda combines a strong presence with a whip-smart performance that makes her a great foil for Sasha’s on screen antics. Amanda’s work can be seen at 

Heather Dorff is a Chicago based actress, writer and producer who tears the screen up with her intensity while bravely diving into a role filled with farce, innuendo and ribald humor. Heather’s work can be seen at 

Rachael Robbins is an actress, model, writer and comedienne with a long history of turning heads and bringing laughs. She has graced the paged of Playboy, the films of Troma and stages of comedy clubs from Coast to Coast. Rachael’s work can be seen at 

Dry Spell was directed by Travis Legge and written by Travis Legge and Kyle Hoskins.