Watch the First Episode of Fan Film About The Flash

With superhero films all the rage right now it is understandable that devoted fans may feel a little bit left out. The goal of your typical superhero film is to make a lot of money, and in order to do this the script usually takes liberties with the original storyline or changes the character to make him or her more “movie-friendly”. Some favorite superheros might not even be featured at all. 

The Flash is one such hero who has yet to show up on the silver screen (Note: a movie is rumored but has yet to be confirmed). Still, fans of the Scarlet Speedster haven’t been sitting idly by. They’ve gone ahead and made their own. Check out this fan-made short film, the first episode of a planned series. This episode is called “Shock of the Lightnin” and tells a quick origin story. Not only are more episodes planned for in the future, but the filmmakers have set up a website where you can discuss with them the direction you’d like to see the story take! Sit back and enjoy!