Watch the Trailer for the Upcoming Comedy Webseries Top Flight Security

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Top Flight Security is a raucous comedy that follows the adventures of a small team of hapless security guards who patrol a Southern California apartment complex. Professional slacker Tre Johnson is forced to put down his game controller and join the workforce when his girlfriend Nicole threatens to leave him. He lands at Top Flight Security; hired by Officer Steve who is a couple of bullets shy of a full jacket himself and still recovering from his failed attempt at the Police Academy.

For better andmore often worse, Tre spends most his days navigating the antics of his motley squad of coworkers consisting of: Aabheer whoʼs fresh off the boat from India and may or may not be gay, Crazy Sherry who is desperate to steal Tre away from Nicole, and last but not least our cowardly, chip eating bigot Oscar. Nutty guards and even crazier tenants make for a non-stop series of hilarious misadventures for the security guards… sorry… security officers of Top Flight Security..

Episodes will officially premiere Oct. 23th, 2013.