Post-Production Glossary: The Terms You Need To Know (A-Z)

We split these up over three articles previously in order to really help save space for you guys and make them a little easier to digest, but in the interest of making them easier to find for you, we’re linking all of them through here in one convenient spot.  When it comes to the world of post-production, things tend to get a bit technical.  So we’ve laid out all of those terms, as well as the basic techniques and concepts in this simple to follow glossary.

While a lot of these terms will come straight out of the text-books, I’ve provided a lot of tips and insight from my own experience to help you further grasp the meaning of the terms:




Whether you’re just getting started, or even need a refresher, these are the terms you need to know when it comes to post-production work.

Did we miss some terms?  Think you know of some that we should include as well?  Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to update it with the new information you provide us!