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We Got To Play P.T. ... Silent Hills Is Going To Be Great!

During GamesCom, Sony announced a “new IP” from a “new studio” called P.T. The teaser was fast, but we were told to go download the game right away. People did, and then they quickly got through the entire game within a matter of hours, but are still figuring out details. The game ended up being a teaser for a new Silent Hill, and well based off this very small demo we are super excited about it! Here is why! 


The Industry Needs To Return To Arcades

The current generation of gamers is rather young and continuing to evolve, but gaming itself has been around for decades. Considering how massive the game industry is now, it’s crazy to think they’re not trying to expand beyond your living rooms. Movies have theaters, music has concerts, and even comic books have evolved beyond comics. Why is gaming not trying to “put on a show” like everyone else? With events like E3 and PAX, it has been proven that gamers can and will spend money to get more out of gaming. The problem is that gaming was once actually popular as arcades and now those arcades have vanished. However, arcades could be the concert or movie theaters of the gaming industry, if they were ever given a chance, but due to the history of the arcade, that may never happen. Let’s discover what arcades were and re-imagine them in a new way that could lead to a massive expansion of video games.


The Best E3 Moments of All-Time

E3 2014 just recently passed, but we still have one last E3 article to complete our month of E3! What we want to do is dig into the history of E3 and find the best moments that every gamer should remember. Moments that were funny, awesome, or just plain out of whack. No matter what, these moments will engrave themselves in your head for all future E3’s. Even if you never witnessed them yourself.


What It’s Like Going To E3 As A Journalist

This month's Gamerlinx has been E3 month, and we apologize for the delay. E3 itself has taken up most of our time, but we are back on track!

One of the great things you get to do as a game journalist is attend gaming events as part of press. The biggest one is of course being E3 and that is a dream of almost every journalist has, let alone gamers. It was my dream in high school, and now I’ve attended for several years and still get a thrill! While the event is amazing, I wanted to point out some things you expect to happen when attending. This could be handy for those with a similar dream and are going to eventually attend their first show, or those simply interested in what we go through to make it happen.



Cold Hard Truth, Vita Hasn't Been Given A Chance

Sony recently stated that the Vita will transition focus and become more indie based to suit player needs. According to them, research has shown that portable games are meant to be easy access. That means you jump in, play for a few minutes, leave, then come back later and continue. The Vita has a handy suspend feature to make this work well. What players don’t want are long cutscenes, loading screens, and a game that can’t be randomly paused and left alone.


Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain Is So Much Better Than Expected

Kojima has stated many times that The Phantom Pain is way bigger than Ground Zeroes. After playing Ground Zeroes, I could see what he means and expected a few more levels with similar play style. Sneak around and do things the way you wanted in each level. Well at E3 we got to see The Phantom Pain in action and the game is so much more massive and better than even my high expectations had set it at. It truly does make Ground Zeroes feel like nothing more than a demo, and I mean that in a good way.


Watch Dogs A Great Game That Falls Short In Last Generation

I was rather excited to play Watch Dogs ever since I saw it at E3. The concept looked neat, and the game itself looked amazing. I was excited to play the game on a fancy “next generation” console, so when it got hit with a delay I was a little disappointed. Then when I could only get my hands on a PS3 copy of the game, I was a little more disappointed, yet the game brought me back to life. Watch Dogs is a fantastic open world game full of momentum and possibilities, but overall is not a game to be playing on “last generation” consoles. I’ll explain after the jump in our “first impression” of Watch Dogs.