Image Specification Rules

Image Specs: All images should be no wider than 550px.

Ideally we want the height of the image to be in the 250px to 400px range. There are a actually a few different ways to add an image to an article. The Primary Image that shows up on top is added through the IMAGE tab in the article submission form. Then of course you can add images through the WSWYIG Editor throughout your article.

A few things to remember:
You MUST use a primary image and upload it via the Image Tab. This image should not have a height that exceeds 400px.

If you add additonal images via the WSWYIG editor throughout your article you are free to use a height up to 550px BUT YOU MUST be sure that the image is NOT wider than 550px.

For all images the ideal range is 450 – 550px WIDE X 250px – 400px HEIGHT.


Here’s what I do.  For pretty much all of my images…I go in and set it to 480px wide.  It’s big enough to still see everything clearly, but small enough that it’s still centered in the text, and doesn’t look like we’re pushing the edges of the text form.

You can set the image to whatever size you want (you can manually type in the size, by hitting the “Image” button at the top of the text box toolbar, and then clicking the “advanced” tab), but let’s be sure that you use the same consistent size picture throughout your article.

If you need help with your images, or finding some, be sure to contact myself or Gabriel and we’ll get it sorted.