Box Office Breakdown: Captain America is Still Going Strong

Poor, poor Transcendence.  There’s been a lot of talk surrounding this movie, being the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister.  It had star power and a big time studio budget…yet it’s muddling plot kept it from hitting it’s mark.  As a result, it only reached number 4 on the weekend’s box office list, and I suspect it’ll barely register in the top ten next weekend.  As such, Captain America retained the crown and unless this week’s Brick Mansions blows everyone out of the water, chances are, The Winter Soldier will still be going strong this weekend. 

  Title Weekend Total
1.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  $26,200,000  $201.0
2.  Rio 2  $22,700,000  $75.6
3.  Heaven is for Real  $22,200,000  $29.3
4.  Transcendence  $11,000,000  $11.0
5.  A Haunted House 2  $8,800,000  $8.8
6.  Divergent  $5,900,000  $134.1
7.  Draft Day  $5,890,000  $19.5
8.  Oculus  $5,200,000  $21.2
9.  God’s Not Dead  $4,800,000  $48.3
10.  Bears  $4,800,000  $4.8
   Noah  $4,800,000  $93.3

Which film got your money this past weekend?