Legendary Film Critic Roger Ebert Passes Away

Very sad news today, as we have learned that Roger Ebert has passed away after a decade long battle with cancer.  The man was a pioneer for film critics and movie enthusiasts everywhere in a career that has spanned nearly 5 decades and featured many accomplishments.  He was the first journalist EVER to win a pulitzer for film criticism and his long running TV show made him a celebrity in his own right.

Even after losing his jaw (as well as the ability to eat, speak, and drink) the man continued to write full time and be a ‘voice’ within the entertainment industry.  Though he saw his fair share of controversy (especially in his views on video games as an art form), there’s no denying his accomplishments nor what he’s contributed to the medium we all love so much.

The Chicago Sun-Times, for whom Ebert wrote for 46 years, announced his passing just a little while ago.  He will be missed.