Gabriel Iglesias Talks His ‘Fluffy’ Big Screen Stand Up Debut

 There are plenty of stand up comedians in the world with television or DVD comedy specials, but only a select few ever get their own stand up comedy movie that hits theatres. A few of those comedy legends are Eddie Murphy, Sarah Silverman, and now Gabriel Iglesias. Iglesias’ movie, The Fluffy Movie, will hit theatres nationwide on July 25th and unlike the previous comedians’s films this one is actually a great one for the whole family.

Iglesias’s comedy is impressive and rare because it caters to everyone, teenagers and parents, Latino and Indian, overweight and average sized. He has such a universal appeal which he is incredibly happy and grateful about it. “It’s an amazing feeling. I don’t like alienating, I like everybody,” he said, “The whole unity through laughter, it brings everyone together.” Unity Through Laughter is is current tour name and clearly a movement he believes in.

 In his film, Gabriel Iglesias even discusses most of those topics but he went even further discuss more personal and deep topics which he had never discussed in his DVD and television specials. Iglesias explained this choice by saying you have to make people not wonder why couldn’t this be on cable. If you’re going to do a movie you have to make sure it’s different from what everyone is used to on cable comedy specials.

The choice was to not get more R-rated or blue but talk about issues that people don’t really discuss like being a good step-parent and reconnecting with a father who was gone for thirty years. Issues that one would think would be difficult to talk about in front of a stadium full of strangers but for Iglesias it’s easier. “It’s funny because getting in front of that many people to share stories like that I get a certain level of security in that I love opening up to strangers,” Gabriel Iglesias explained, “I don’t ever feel like I’m being judged like the way I would if I’m talking to a friend [or a] relative. So there’s a certain level of comfort in that.” 

But remember this movie is a comedy and he makes these personal stories funny with his crazy voices and hilarious observations that the average joe would probably not give a second thought. One of those funny jokes was his observation of how different cultures talk with their heads, which was spot on. 

A comedian that worked hard to get where he is definitely deserves the credit and success this film will receive. Fortunately, this success hasn’t gone to his head and he is always quick to give a tip to aspiring stand up comedians, Iglesias advised them to “Work clean, talk about things everyone in the room can relate to. Relatability is everything.”

Overall, it is definitely a great stand up comedy film for everyone even people that aren’t fans of Gabriel Iglesias yet. With almost equal part’s aww’s and laugh’s and it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, or should I say ‘fluffy?’

The Fluffy Movie hits theatres nationwide on July 25th, check out the trailer below.