Meg Foster Discusses Leading The Lords of Salem

Her roster of work stretches way further than that, beginning in 1969. She’s starred in legendary shows and movies like Bonanza, Hawaii Five-O, Cagney & Lacey, Murder, She Wrote, and several others.

Ms. Foster adds another notch in her horror belt with Rob Zombie’s new film The Lords of Salem. She portrays Margaret Morgan, the head of a coven of witches who are burned at the stake because of their heresy. She curses the women of the town of Salem, Massachusetts and swears to return one day to take revenge on its citizens.

It’s frightening how much of herself Foster poured into the role of Margaret. She took the role Director / Writer Zombie gave her and fully embraced it. Zombie stated that at times he would see her tear up in different scenes while shooting the movie. How she could find any way to feel sympathy for a witch that is intent on exacting horrific revenge by calling upon Satan through shouts of incantations and prayers is beyond me.

“I call it talking in tongues. That’s what the witch’s coven did in the 1600s. I knew what I was saying. I didn’t feel frightened. It wasn’t just a job. If you’re in the moment of bringing life to the character inside and out, you tend to go places that are correct on a creative level,” Foster shared about her dialogue and chanting in the film.

Although Sherri Moon Zombie is obviously the lead star of The Lords of Salem, there’s no doubt audiences will identify Foster’s burnt up and cackling character of Margaret Morgan as the main ingredient of the film. Although time onscreen is limited, her presence will resonate with viewers long after the movie is over.

“I didn’t think of her as evil. I thought of her as a witch. I just let go. I didn’t really plan anything and just tried to be in the moment,” she said of the character and her performance.

I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Foster when she was doing press for The Lords of Salem. We discussed working with Rob Zombie, her character, and personal perspective of the film.  She dug deep to answer my questions and did a fine job giving me thoughtful answers. You can hear the 35 minute interview right here.