The Maze Runner Cast Interview

In Dallas, TX, Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, and Will Poulter of The Maze Runner stopped by to talk with the media in regards to the movie, their fellow cast members, and what they think about the industry, in general.  Take a look!

There are a couple of things to take from this interview, one of which was just how incredibly nice these actors are.  Before the interview, I had a chance to hang around them, away from all of the other media members and I can tell you that they were just as cool on the video as they were when the cameras were off.  In the video, there is a question about how they bonded as a cast in this movie.  Will Poulter’s answer is spot on from everything I witnessed.  It seemed like these actors actually became very close during this movie.

One other note I took was just how excited they were about The Maze Runner.  Which they should be.  The entire ensemble did very well to make you believe in the mystery of the film and that is tributed to the manner in which they filmed.  Most movies are filmed in pieces but according to Dylan O’Brien and Will Poulter, the entire movie was filmed in successions as to continue the fear and mystery.  Plus, they really stressed on their environment.  They wanted to make sure we understood that this environment was 100% real and theirs.  They didn’t go to multiple locations but stayed mostly in the clearing.

I hope this interview gets you excited to see this film because it is a fun, action packed mystery that gives you a lot more than you bargained for.  For a full review, keep looking out on

The Maze Runner opens in theaters Friday 9/19/14.