20th Century Fox Closing Deal to Bring Jackman & Mangold Back for The Wolverine Sequel

Unlike Wolverine’s first solo outing, his second attempt was far more successful in with both critics and audiences.  Of course this means to the studios that a sequel needs to happen.  Apparently Fox liked the work James Mangold did on The Wolverine and according to Deadline, are in final talks to bring him back to write and helm a sequel. 

Most interesting, is that the report also states they’re going to be bringing Hugh Jackman back to sharpen his claws once again as the self-healing mutant.  The events of the next film, Days of Future Past, are still unclear, so we’re not sure what will be happening with the Wolverine character from there.  However, Jackman has made plenty of statements lately that he’s about done with the role and ready to retire him.  Most recently, he said he’d be open to returning but the reasons would have to be very compelling (probably referring to both money and story here).

Considering the success of the X-Men movies have mostly relied on Wolverine’s character, I have no doubt that Fox is willing to back up a dump truck full of money to entice Jackman back.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

What do you guys think?  Do you want to see Jackman back for another solo Wolverine film?