20th Century Fox is Developing a Doctor Doom Movie

How do you move forward on a popular comic book license when your most recent reboot was completely abysmal?  You do a spin-off movie (of sorts) entirely focused on the villain.  At least, that’s what 20th Century Fox is doing in regards to their Fantastic Four property.  Their hopes of the most recent reboot (helmed by Josh Trank) kicking off a new franchise were over before the credits started rolling.  

As the film bombed in theaters, the studio pulled the planned sequel off their release slate and have said next to nothing about the future of Marvel’s first family.  As such, this evening’s announcement comes as something of a surprise, especially considering it didn’t even happen during the studio’s major film presentation this morning, which only showed off Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  

Instead, the announcement came at the tale end of a panel for Legion (the highly successful X-Men show on FX), by the series creator.  “I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom.”  

Obviously we don’t have any more details, other than the fact that he’s working on the upcoming film, but putting the focus on the villain could be exactly what’s needed to get this Marvel series back on track.  I know some fans are already feeling divided on the film, and frankly, I’m kinda confused about going this direction…but hey, we’ve got time.  What do you think about a Doctor Doom movie?