23rd ‘Bond’ film is officially canned


This is coming over from the UK’s Daily Mirror which which got the scoop from an ‘insider’.  Since the source isn’t named, and there’s been no official word from MGM on the matter, you might want to take this news with a grain of salt.

When MGM announced their financial woes to the world, the 23rd James Bond film (which was also supposed to star Daniel Craig) was put on hold.  MGM said that until they could figure out their problems they would cease all production on it.  Now it looks like they’ve cancelled the film entirely.  Here’s what the ‘insider’ had to say:

“Members of the production crew have been told the Bond film has been canned. There is a lot of bad feeling as a lot of time, money and hard work has already gone into this.”

Let’s face it, this kind of sucks.  The new Bond films had gone a long way towards restoring the franchise to its former glory, and at least before, there was hope of still making the 2012 release date.  If this all proves to be completely accurate, canning the film means that all of the contracts and everything are over too.  So whenever a new Bond film is made more than likely it’ll feature new writers, new crew, and a new cast.

I say “when” because with a franchise so massive and successful, someone else is going to buy the rights and make more of them.  It’s always possible that the new studio who buys it up will still try and get Craig for the role, but he will no longer be contractually obligated to do so.

Needless to say it is sad news for MGM (hopefully The Hobbit isn’t next), and it’s a sad day for Bond fans.  Never fear, there will undoubtedly be another movie featuring the super spy, but there’s no telling when that could be.