3 New clips from ‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ shows off the annoying Eustace

Fans who’ve been waiting to see more from the annoying and agitating character have had their prayers answered.  These three new clips are short (all around 1 minute long), but they all focus on Eustace.  Which makes sense, seeing as how in the novels, he becomes the main character for the next couple stories.

Honestly, all of the footage we’ve seen so far, aren’t giving me a lot of hope for the project.  I’m trying to stay positive (because I love this franchise), but I’m not convinced they have pulled this one off.  Prince Caspian was fun and did a good job with the tone of the film.  This one seems to emulate the first film’s tone, and just seems a tad kiddy.  I hope I’m wrong, but I guess we’ll find out December 10th.

These videos were brought to us courtesy of NarniaFans.com: