3 New Narnia pics escape onto the internet and give a first look at Eustace the Dragon

Outside of Harry Potter and Tron Legacy, Narnia is high on my list of things to see in the near future.  Unfortunately it seems like it snuck up on me.  Until I got these pics in my email, I had totally forgotten how close this film was to releasing.  Seriously, there have been no TV spots, and the marketing has been decidedly low-key.  Based on how good these pictures look, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be promoting the hell out of this film.


I know that interest for this franchise hasn’t always been exactly high.  But there are lots of fans out there, and the second film captured plenty of new ones and ended with a very respectable box office total.  Hopefully in the upcoming weeks we’ll see more marketing from the studios on this film, that really showcase the potential I’ve seen in this film so far.


Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie


The first picture, is of Eustace…Oh you didn’t recognize him?  That’s because half-way through the story he gets turned into a dragon.  It’s a miserable experience and this image really helps to show that.  By far, this is the best CG I’ve seen for these movies.  I mean, this dragon looks far more convincing that Reepicheep does standing beside him.  Not sure how that came to be, but I’m not arguing.  If they can keep that high a level for all of the VFX, I’m sold.


Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie


Next is a picture I’m not too excited about.  It’s just dull.  The lighting looks off and the little elfs (I honestly can’t remember what they are) in the corner looking photoshopped into the picture…badly.  By far, this isn’t a shining example like the dragon is, or the one below:


Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie


Again, this is another good-looking shot.  Lots of things happening that look stunning.  Hard to say exactly what’s going on here (it’s been so long since I read this book), but it looks interesting.


There you have it.  Finally we’re given some more images from this film, and they look great (except for the middle one).  Pushing out more of these types of pictures would be sure to help generate more hype for this film…which I honestly don’t know why there isn’t.  Either way be sure to catch it in theaters December 10th 2010.