[Update] 4 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Mini-Teasers Bring Your Nightmares to Life

[Update: Where I thought they only launched three small teasers for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, at the tail end of the game, they released a fourth! Frankly speaking, it’s a tease from the story that always scared me most while reading this book, and I’m still trying to shake off the shivers….

Original article follows.]

Everyone remembers the pants-pooping scares from the old book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and the terrifying drawings the helped fill nightmares for children of multiple generations. Welp, now prepare to see some of those nightmares in the flesh. Thanks to the Super Bowl, we have our first look at footage from the upcoming adaptation and it looks just as creepy as you hoped (feared?): 

While these are super short, they absolutely nail the tone you’d imagine for these kind of stories. The characters look pulled straight out of the book’s drawings and I’m still deciding if that’s a good thing for my bedsheets…

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Inspired by one of the most terrifying children’s book series of all time, SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK follows a group of young teens who must solve the mystery surrounding sudden and macabre deaths in their small town.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark hits theaters on August 9, 2019