New Predators Stills Leave Us Wanting More


Sci-Fi diehards have been patiently waiting for every detail they can get from the production set of Nimrod Antal’s “Predators”.  Promising to reboot the franchise and bring back the original fear of the original, the stills recently released prove that these guys may be on the right track.  With Robert Rodriguez’s attention to detail and ability to produce fantastic imagery in film, we are all hoping that this film meets with the same level of success its hype is generating.

And as all hype machines are wont to do, the stills below, despite their sheer awesomeness, tend to bring about more questions than providing answers.


Despite the awesomeness of these pics and what they promise to deliver, they still leave me salivating for more.  For instance, what exactly are the function of the Predator dogs (a new entry into the Predator universe)?  Though the original anatomy of the Predator is kept intact for one of the creatures, we see a new kind of Predator here, lacking much of it’s human-esque appearance (such as the eyes).  Why is the classic looking Predator lashed to a tree?  Ritual?  Punishment?  I see the mini-gun has made it back but did the Predators steal a bunch of human hardware to help the humans even the odds?  And what the hell is that skinned thing the Predator seems to be holding up?

So many questions!  And unless we hear more, we’ll find out all the answers come July 9th!